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Venture Capital


Hampton Court Venture Capital Division provide Direct Investment towards 12 industries, through HVCMD proprietary funds and clients pool of funds.

Core Industry focusing in:


Education & Training

Information Technology


Real Estate and Construction

Oil and Gas Exploration

Medical and Healthcare


Pollution Control (Environment)

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Airport and Group Support

Building and Decoration Material

Automotive Parts and Distribution

Agricultural Chemicals

Plastic Materials and Resins

Online Gaming


HVCM Technology and High Growth Fund- We invest primarily in early-stage technology start-ups with a typical initial investment size ranging from US$500,000 to US$3,000,000.  We focus on the information technology, digital commerce and telecommunications sectors although we also consider investment opportunities in the electronics, semiconductors and healthcare sectors.  With respect to our geographical focus, we focus our investment activity both in Asia and Silicon Valley, having invested approximately 50% in each region.

HVCM will seek to achieve substantial capital appreciation by investing in technology-based and high growth private companies in the China, South East Asia and United States.  At the same time, it will help to forge strategic business linkages between the fund’s portfolio companies and corporate investors in United States and Asia.  The fund will invest in information technology, enterprise software, internet and e-commerce, telecommunications, semiconductor and medical informatics

Core Requirement for companies and project seeking funding:

Fall under the 12 industries specific above, Stage 3 and 4 of Investment,
Information Needed: Business Plan
Risk and Return Projection

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