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Mergers and Acquisitions


M&A works with the bank’s corporate clients to help them complete financial transactions. The day-to-day job is slightly different from the Corporate Finance analyst, as the role of M&A is to help clients buy, sell, or merge companies.

Analysts tend to focus more on financial modeling and are typically responsible for examining and projecting every possible transaction scenario so that management may make the best business decision. Our role includes:

1) Creating financial models to analyze potential financing scenarios on behalf of banks’ corporate clients

2) Assisting in the coordination of the bidding process for buyers or sellers interested in doing a deal with the bank’s clients

3) Preparing summary documents to inform potential investors of the client’s proposed deal, often called the selling memoranda

4) Assisting in the negotiation of the purchase price for the acquisition of another company。


Factors in a Merger and Acquisition:

Would the takeover be regarded as desirable by the predator company’s shareholders?

Will the bidding company shareholder’s approve the takeover?

Takeover may result in a reduction of EPS

Takeover may result in a reduction of net asset backing of the company

Are the owners of the target company amenable to a takeover bid?

Will a takeover bid be resisted by the target company

Target company could adopt a defensive posture

Target company shareholders may refuse to sell

What form should the consideration take?

What are the potential problems with the take over?

How should the takeover be reflected in the financial statements?




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