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Hampton Court Holdings is a conglomerate with worldwide offices in five continent. Hampton Court Group of companies includes Hampton Court Financial Advisor (through acquisition of DAG Investment Bank, New York), Hampton Court Heavy Industries, Hampton Court Telecommunications, Hampton Court Trading, Hampton Court Technologies, Hampton Court Infrastructure, Hampton Court Capital and Hampton Court Media.

Hampton Court Investment Banking Division (IBD) offers a wide range of International Standard Securities financial advisory services to SME, Midcap, Largecap, multinational and government institutions.

IPO Division

We help qualified firms for IPO in multiple exchanges. Over the past few years, we have established listing opportunities in Middle East, Hong Kong, London, New York, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and Korea. As financial advisor, Hampton Courts assists clients in attracting institutional investors through road shows.

Bond Division

We help corporate for International Ratings and Offering. We provide both conventional and Islamic Bonds. Corporate bonds are often listed on major exchanges (bonds there are called "listed" bonds) and ECNs like MarketAxess, and the coupon (i.e. interest payment) is usually taxable. Sometimes this coupon can be zero with a high redemption value. However, despite being listed on exchanges, the vast majority of trading volume in corporate bonds in most developed markets takes place in decentralized, dealer-based, over-the-counter markets.

M&A Division

Mergers and Acquisition works with the bank’s corporate clients to help them complete financial transactions. The day-to-day job is slightly different from the Corporate Finance analyst, as the role of M&A is to help clients buy, sell, or merge companies.

Venture Capital

HVCM Technology and High Growth Fund- We invest primarily in early-stage technology start-ups with a typical initial investment size ranging from US$500,000 to US$3,000,000. We focus on the information technology, digital commerce and telecommunications sectors although we also consider investment opportunities in the electronics, semiconductors and healthcare sectors. With respect to our geographical focus, we focus our investment activity both in Asia and Silicon Valley, having invested approximately 50% in each region.

Private Placement

A Private Placement is the sale of an issue of Debt (Loan) or Equity (Stock) securities to a limited number of buyers that are qualified as Accredited Investors. The Placement is generally made by an Investment Banker, who acts as an Agent of the Issuer, bringing together the Issuer (business or corporation) and the Buyer(s) (Accredited Investor(s)).

Project Finance

Hampton Court's infrastructure financing practice is one of the leaders in the field, helping both public and private sectors to develop and finance infrastructure projects in new and innovative ways. Our Unique Selling Point (USP) is we are able to combine China’s largest infrastructure firms in its respective fields with our financing program.

Leasing Division

We finance almost any kind of capital assets and equipment related to the following:Machinery to manufacture textiles, food, packaging, plastic, printing, consumer and other products; Construction equipment such as tower cranes, bulldozers, excavators, asphalt plants, truck mixers, etc.; Express and stage buses, lorries, bonded trucks, tankers, etc.; Fixtures, fittings, computers, etc. for the hotel and resort sectors




Hampton Court assists clients in preparation for offshore IPO. We service wide range of clients from traditional manufacturers to high growth high tech firms; from State own enterprise to private companies. Currently, there are many firms listed in New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange Korea Stock Exchange, Singapore Stock Exchange, Malaysia Stock Exchange etc. In additional, we also assists clients in Private Shells Offering (PSO), Management Buy Out (MBO), Leveraged Buy Out (LBO), Private Placement Offering (PPO), Bond financing, structure financing and International Bridge financing.


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